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Orustus Ade

Lyrical Soul and Spoken Word

Growing up a child along the Mississippi in 1975 in the city of New Orleans meant 
many things for music pioneer and poet ORUSTUS ADE’.  His most prominent memories are of a father described now as intelligent but restless and angry then. A man of fierce determination who seemed to be in a constant struggle with a woman, his mother.   ALTHEA WOMACK dedicated her life as a caretaker, nurturing underprivileged people who were challenged and less fortunate,  

While being a strong, single mother of 4 children in the city of New Orleans. His father's behavior cultivated what seemed to be the norm in his young life - a life frequented with struggles and confusion.  Little did he know that heartbreak would present itself in the form of an unexpected abandonment by a father who left and would never return to this young family? Orustus, the 2nd of 4 children, lost his father Charlie Petty to temptations in the streets of New Orleans which brought about trying consequences later on, revealing 
a critical turning point in his young life. Orustus knew things would never be the same.  

Left primarily in the hands of his mother Althea and his Bible thumping Holy Ghost filled grandmother VERA WOMACK, this backyard bayou boy filled his days with artistic renderings, studying literature, reading and listening to the typical low water sounds of Jazz, Gospel, and Down Home Blues, ask him now what is his favorite genre' of music - he would state (JAZZ). Why? "BECAUSE THE IMPERSONAL BECOMES PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF ONE’S SOUL".  His favorite artists include John Coltrane, Sade Adu, Dwight Trible, and Kem. Never once did he think writing and composing music would be a major part of his future. Instead, after graduating from Hammond High School, Orustus went off to Southeastern Louisiana University to study Art & Design. Shortly after finishing college, he pursued this career in the northwest where he now calls Seattle his home. None of this would be possible without the help of his cousin MILDRED WOMACK and Aunt GWENDOLYN CLIFTON. 

Fast forward to a now grown and sexy man in his early 40’s who like most have experienced a series of love, heartbreaks and setbacks.  Dealing with the heartbreaks proved harder than he thought and Orustus needed an outlet. He began focusing his energy into penning poetry.  He has since rediscovered his voice and passion for life and love.  He finds himself today more driven by the qualities to which he credits his mother Althea. One good thing would lead to another and  "HIS TRUTH BECOMES HIS WORDS NOW SPOKEN".  He appeared at his 1st open mic jam session in 2009 with what now seemed so fitting a piece entitled "It's Never too Late".  That very night he would find his reality and place on stage as a performer. He has since honed his craft and donned an undeniable cool and passionate style. He has become a respected performer who finds his audiences locally, nationally as well as internationally - stretching as far as downtown British Columbia at an upscale venue called CALABASH. He has been blessed to work with and share the stage with known musicians and industry professionals such as:


Orustus continues to work hard on and off the stage.  He spends his daytime hours focused on a career in financial matters in Accounting, his evening hours dedicated to being a good father to his daughter NAMI SAKURA and in the studio where he is continuing to perfect the craft he loves 
the most POETRY… 

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